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We Specialise in Apparel and Footwear Industry

Author, Singbest

We cover full spectrum of roles and functions in apparel and footwear industry

Singbest Consulting is a Singapore-based recruitment firm that specialises in apparel and footwear industry with a coverage that spans across Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

We are strategically located in the heart of Southeast Asia which is the largest apparel and footwear exporting region in the world and it continues to grow steadily, and it’s been our area of focus since the inception of the company.

Recruitment License:

Driven by ever-changing dynamics of the fashion market, increasing technological application, and growing awareness on environmental protection, sustainability, and social compliance, apparel and footwear industry continues to be a leader in creating employment opportunities for the region, aspiring companies are constantly on the lookout for talented individuals to keep up with the changes and stay ahead of the competition. This is where we come in, we provide quality talent search services to companies around the region and beyond to help them achieve their business goals and aspirations.

Our talent search covers full spectrum of roles and functions, creative professionals, technical experts, production and operations management, sourcing, supply chain, quality, senior leadership positions, you name it, we are ready to take up the challenge. Having been in the business since 2016, we are very proud that both our clients and candidates have been satisfied with our services, and we believe we can help you as well.

Contact us today to find talents you need with NO upfront fee

We are ready to start talent search for you on a moment’s notice with no upfront fee required, we charge a reasonable fee only upon successful placement (no win, no fee). Contact us and let us start working for you today!

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