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We help you find the right Talents

Our Strength

Our Approach

Commitment and Deep Dive 

Driven by commitment to customer and underpinned by in-depth industry knowledge, our consultant goes beyond the JDs by deep-diving into the roles and industries to uncover great talents. 

Laser Focus 

Guided by quality over quantity mindset, we specialise in only a few industries and niche spaces in which we continuously build up our strength and stay ahead. 

Add Value to Customer

We strive to add value to customer and make a positive impact to your business success, no fee will be charged to customer without creating value. 

Long Term Relationship

We take a long term view in every interaction we have with customer as we believe in long term relationship that stands the test of time. 

"Bryan’s years of experience in Semicon manufacturing industry has equipped him with a deep understanding of skillsets we need. He is a quick learner, able to grasp new concepts and work efficiently to meet the challenges brought about by this fast evolving industry, it’s a pleasant experience working with him. "

Jason, HR Manager


"Singbest is our go-to recruiter for vacancies we face difficulty filling up, we are often impressed by its diligence and ability to source candidates that fit our requirements within a short period of time. They always keep us updated on the progress, and provide valuable input in helping us assess the candidates. "

Sandra, HR Manager


"I find Bryan very engaging and reliable, he is very effective in understanding our hiring needs and often goes the extra mile to ease the burden on us by quickly identifying potential candidates and make recommendations to our recruitment strategy. He’s helped us with placements in Vietnam and Cambodia under tight timeline during capacity ramp-up, we will continue to partner with him moving forward. "

Pauline, HR Executive

(Apparel, Taiwan)

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